He was born in 1966 and took his primary education in Ankara. He graduated from Istanbul University – Faculty of Forestry in 1987, and obtained title of Forest Engineer. His fields of interest are forest fires, national parks, wild life, forest protection (tree diseases) and endemic tree species ecology and optimum growing environment. Moreover, he took duty as expert in forest law cases. 
   The large forest fires in which Cemhan Bucak intervened actually before developing the risk analysis model:     He started his duty in Ministry of Forestry in 1991, and has acquired experiences by working in various departments in an active way. He took charge as technical personnel in Regional Directorate of Forestry, Afforestation Directorate in burning areas, Cadaster Commission for determining forestry borders, Departments of Forest Protection (Smuggling) and Fight Against Pests (Diseases and Insects) and finally Branch Directorates of Fire-fighting. 

  He took charge as Expert Researcher and Chief Engineer of Fire Researches in Aegean Research Institute of Forestry as of 2002, and he got retired in 2017, and has developed new fire-defense strategies.


   The large forest fires in which Cemhan Bucak intervened actually before developing the risk analysis model :

11.08.1997 :He started to take charge in Istanbul helicopter team and ground team to respond the large fire in Mugla-Marmaris-Hisaronu by air and ground. 

17.08.1999 :He participated into the firefighting duties for the fires breaking out in Tupras Oil Refinery after the Major Earthquake of Izmit-Golcuk and the large forest fire breaking out in Province of Bilecik at the same day. 

 05.04.2000 :He was charged with ground teams for the large forest fire in Bursa-Orhaneli breaking out suddenly out of the fire season, 

03.08.2000: He was charged to support with helicopter on air for the large forest fire in Adana-Karaisali. 
    He observed personally all the technical and administrative problems encountered during these four large fires, and made decision to develop new solutions for the problems in extinguishing and defensing systems. 

    For this purpose, he completed his scientific research projects in relation with outbreak reasons of forest fire, fire behaviors, technical and administrative problems encountered, preventing fires before getting larger in 2008 while he was working in research duty in Aegean Research Institute of Forestry in 2002, and submitted national and international pronouncement. 

   He constituted active fire defense and risk analysis software to prevent the forest fires before getting larger, remove the problems in the application and offer new solutions, and established professionally his fire consultancy company in 2022 after observing all the results of the model within the application. 

As foreign language, he knows English in intermediate level and Russian in basic level. 

Activities performed by Cemhan Bucak on abroad: 

1-  In 2000, he carried out researches about forest protection activities in Mongolia where he visited after getting scholarship and the large forest fire breaking out in 1996 and continued in the border of Mongolia-Russia (Siberia) for months. It was observed that Mongolia Firefighting Department was in the desperate straits causing fire spreading from the point of technical equipment. The technical report was submitted to the related authorities indicating that current two MI-8 helicopters located in Mongolia Airways could be more efficient in first responding to such large fire organizations if they were equipped with water (bumby) buckets in case of emergency.

2-  In 2004, he submitted pronouncement related to cross-border forest fires in International Forest Fire Congress organized in Antalya in the scope of international cooperation. 

3-  In 2007, seminar was carried out for the forest fire authorities in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus about two large forest fire, sight analysis of fire watch-tower and the precautions taken against fires possibly to break out in the future. 

4- In 2008, he acquired information from Ph. Enrico Tesi in forest fire monitoring center in Florence about coordination and efficient utilization of air vehicles in large fires in the scope of common scientific research project between Italy and Turkey

5- In 2013, he exchanged information with forest fire specialists in the participation countries about firefighting technics, ongoing research projects in the training “Forest Fire Management in Direction of Climate and Socio-economic Changes” in CIHEAM (Mediterranean Agricultural Institute) in Province of Zaragoza in Spain. 

Cemhan BUCAK    
Forest Engineer
Expert Researcher