Year 2009 - Çanakkale Gallipoli Historical National Park (20,506 ha.),
Year 2010 - Antalya Manavgat Köprüçay Basin (122,314 Ha),
Year 2010 - 6 Regional Forestry Directorates (649.115 Ha) belonging to the whole of Balıkesir Regional Directorate of Forestry
Year 2010 - Denizli Forest Management Directorate (147.127 Ha)
Year 2011- İzmir Forestry Management Directorate (241.382) and Menderes Forestry Management Directorates (171.978 Ha)
Year 2011- Plans with a size of 1,158,925 Ha. were prepared and successfully transferred in 12 affiliated business directorates of Muğla Regional Directorate (Muğla and Aydınilleri), and due to the new active defense, this small and large forest is deprived of a long time.

In 2012, it was active against Western Thrace Regional Big Forest Fires, which included 4 Forest Management Directorates in the northwest of Turkey, Edirne (41.565 Ha), Kırklareli (110.439 Ha.), Tekirdağ (104.253 Ha) and Keşan (63.642 Ha) belonging to the Istanbul Regional Directorate of Forestry. Defense Plans have been prepared.

Active fire defense plans were created and risks were mapped during the implementation phase of the model - before it was turned into software. Since these forest fire risk maps contain confidential strategic information, they were not published and the maps and reports were personally delivered to the relevant fire fighting units in charge at the date of the plan. A copy of it is still preserved in the archives of the Aegean Forestry Research Institute as other works.

As a result, the model still produced critical information about the risky areas and alternative deployment locations in an area of ​​2,831,246 hectares for Turkey in 2022, and was able to make the necessary preliminary warnings to the General Directorate of Forestry, which is the implementation unit.