The model is a decision supporting system to take into operation in the countries encountering the biggest losses in the largest forest fires such as United States of America, Canada, Russia, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malesia, Indonesia, South Africa, Brasilia, Chili, Argentina, Bolivia etc.     

      It is ready for any kind of cooperation and common projects with Global Fire Monitoring Center under United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction in Switzerland (1), Global Fire Monitoring Center - Fire Ecology Research Group in Germany (2), and Central Asia Fire Management Resource Center in Mongolia (3). 

1-   Disaster Risk Reduction and Head of ( UNDRR ) Palaisdes Nations, CH1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

2-  The Global Fire Monitoring Center ( GFMC) Fire Ecology Research Group located in Freiburg, Germany,

3- Regional Central Asia Fire Management Resource Center ( RCAFMRC ) islocated in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia