It is the first professional fire consultancy company established in Turkey and founded and coordinated by Cemhan Bucak, Forest Engineer and Expert Researcher, who has performed duties in large forest fire fighting and has professional experience of 29 years and has developed new strategies to prevent fire.

    Various computer software, geographical information systems, satellite pictures, experiences of private aviation companies and pilots, scientific articles about fires and meteorology have been evaluated by our science team while constituting the model. 

    Consisting of specialist, academicians, forest, topographical, computer, agricultural and geological engineers, meteorologists and pilots from various occupational groups, our team has presented a new understanding (active defense system) by utilizing the state-of-art technologies.

   Firstly, the terrestrial tangible risks are determined with real data in forest fire fighting. These analysis is reinforced with meteorological data and new alternative deployment points are determined in the operationally problematic areas. By this means, fire-fighting personnel areclosed further to the risky areas before any fire.