Our company enables the organizations which are possibly affected by fires directly and indirectly to protect goods and people by determining the highest risky areas for fire outbreak and foreseeing the possible losses with the lowest cost. 

    By means of the software, significant changes can be provided in Global Climate Change and Fires in all countries by reinforcing the territorial data base of Meterological Early Warning Systems to be supported by special micro-climate stations to be established in risky areas. 

    In the countries in which the model is applied, fire costs and compensations are minimized at the shortest time and therefore new economic resources can be created.The governmental organizations making the most benefit from the model are Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Internal Affairs, Defense and Disaster and Metropolitan Municipalities and they can present new technological approaches in Rural Area Firefighting. 

     The model can allow efficient and successful aerial firefighting by determining the optimum deployment points from the point of operation by means of both software which can indicate risky areas and inaccessible areas before the fire.