Protecting Military Zones and Strategic Facilities

       New offers should be presented for efficient defense against rural area fire threats caused internally or externally in Military and Strategic Facilities (petro-chemistry facilities, military radar and air defense base, strategical airports etc.) in the future.

      Reinforcing current fire defense plans in these facilities can be beneficial to constitute special protection areas and determine new alternative deployment areas to be intervened by firefighting teams from land, sea and air according to the analysis. 

    In addition, the model can present experience to the administrators in a very short time by giving critical information by maps to be created as a result of risk analysis for historically, touristic and economically valuable areas having similar features with strategic facilities.   

Image: Risk Layers Considering Strategic Areas 

      Determining deployment points of new sea and land firefighting teams to be constituted as per fire risk analysis model and developing various defense strategies for military strategic zones (air radar base, ammunition store and military fire extinguishing teams facilities) can prevent large loss possibly.

   Early warning systems can be developed in these facilities under threat according to fixed (physical) and variable (meteorological) risks by producing new fire safety analysis in and around the borders by means of remote sensing technics.