The model which can analyse at macro or regional level determines present risks of fire and necessary measure; and these strategical data will provide benefit greatly to all actors who may be affected from fires in order to take required defense precautions.

    You can separately obtain price quote from our company for two models according to the majority of the area demanded. 

      Total of 25% discount will be applied on the total price fort he companies that request two softwares together.

  1.  Forest Fire Risk Analysis Model (FFRAM)- Risky Regions prior to Fire
  2. Operational Fire Extinguishing Vehicle Management System (OFEVMS) – Fire Fighting Efficiency Analysis 


  1. FFRAM and OFEVMS Models per Unit Price Table (Year 2022)
  1-   Metropolitan Municipality Settlement and Fire Prevention Planning

  2-   Fire Brigade Departments                                              
   0,250  US $/ Ha..
  3-   Insurance Companies by province analysis
   0,200  US $/ Ha
  4-   Ministry of Disaster-Forest
   0,150  US $/ Ha
  5-   Private Aviation Companies
   0,200  US $/ Ha
  6-  Biomass Power Plants, Fertilizer Companies   0,100 US $/ Ha.
  7- Wind (WPP), Solar (SEP), Hydroelectric Energy Plants (HEP), Energy Distribution Companies, Holiday  Sites, Private Villas and Tourism Facilities, Military Zones and Strategic Facilities    0,250 US $/ Ha

   8-  National Parks and Nature Reserves                              

  0,150  US $/ Ha.