Insurance Companies

    Economic losses occurring after the fire are not included in insurance in many countries and deemed as natural disaster.??

    In some developed countries, the insurance companies have to compensate billions of dollars.

However, the risk pyramid can be established correctly and fires can be taken under control before getting larger by virtue of early respond if the possible outbreak points of the fires causing such a great loss are determined.

    The primary beneficiaries of the model are insurance companies having to pay great compensations.

    The insurance companies can determine risky areas and risk levels in advance in order to minimize pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensations caused by fires and to protect insured properties.

    They can take preventive operation precautions before fire outbreak in risky areas.     

     Furthermore, they can build bridges between local authorities and private property owners by increasing sensitivity and awareness in society about risk scopes and obligatory precautions to be taken.

     By means of this software, extra air vehicles in forestry areas whose risks are determined from air and ground can be deployed 

   and an efficient strategy of forest fires can be applied by virtue of contributions made by insurance companies to fire costs incurred by governmental organizations in great amount up to present.  

fire insurance claims