Holiday Sites – Effective protection of Private Villas and Tourism Facilities

   The model will be able to offer the risks that may be encountered in the present situation

   and how these facilities can defend against fire threats that may come from outside with their own resources

    and which region water shields should be acquired for defense and which techniques should be applied in a short time.
    Furthermore, the model can help to take new struggle measures in line with potential external risks which cannot be defined in regulations of protection from fire with regard to the fires in rural areas.

    The fire helicopters which are far from these facilities and can be found in very few numbers can only provide support in fire season.

   However, there is no opportunity to defend these facilities in extreme weather conditions when there is no helicopter following the end of season.

 Under favour of our model which can show the risks ; life and property safety will be ensured for 12 months(7days/24hours) as if there is an aircraft(helicopter) near facility for those facilities and people in it by way of using their own equities(pools and other water shields) !