Alternative Potential Sectors in Regions with Risk of Fire(Plantal Waste Power Plants)

    In the regions with high risk of fire; thin combustibles and brach residues located in sublayer of these forestry areas which increases potential risk of fire and which are required to be cleaned by decreasing the load of combustible material are absolutely required to be kept away from the field.

     In order to finance reduction activities of fuel raw material to be performed in terms of economics;

      the model will draw attention to new working areas through detecting risky fields previously.

     The woody raw materials to be obtained from these fields will be able to both decrease the risk of fire and provide dual benefit by creating new energy and employment resources which do not pollute the nature.

   While the residues consisting of thin branches are used in manufacture

    of natural fertilize and pellet, the thicker materials are evaluated in production of paper, flakeboard and energy,

    for this purpose new potential areas will be able to occur.